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The Truth Is...

Glenn Lawrence went from being a troubled youth, who was at the bottom of his graduating class and in trouble regularly for fighting. To college graduate with honors, Air Force Veteran, published author, bodybuilding competitor, sponsored athlete, motivational speaker, and now podcast host.
Driven to inspire those who feel defeated in life,  he decided to open up about his struggles and failures that he experienced . Hoping that someone might find just enough strength and desire it sparks that unquenchable fire in them  to keep fighting relentlessly for what they define as success in their life.

"The struggles of life have taken many great people out before they reached their potential, and I almost was one of them. But I am here today to encourage you not to quit, not to give in to the lie...Because The Truth Is... We were created for a  purpose and that purpose was greatness..."

Glenn Lawrence


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Published Article in Faith and Fitness Magazine 2015
 M.C. For Take Back The City Concert in TX 2016
Youth Conference Haiti 2017
Top 5 Classic Physique Competitor 2017

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